All Purpose ESD Stool, Foot ring #796ESD-XF

from $399.00


Simple ESD Stool that protect your equipment and your body Sometimes you just need a small chair to do some fast work so we designed the ESD Stool. The electrostatic discharge features our One Circuit design with all components of the chair grounded to each other and to the floor. The height adjustable foot ring quickly adjusts to provide support to your legs which take pressure off your legs and back. The simple height adjustment ring is located just under the seat so you can quickly adjust the height to fit the task you are doing. Cushion is 16 inch diameter and is a medical grade foam insuring years of use and comfort. This is an ideal stool in areas that are limited on space or areas that you only need to use for short periods of time.Product Features

    • 22-32 inch height adjustment
    • Height adjustable foot ring with wide surface area
    • Ideal for work bench high work surfaces
    • One Circuit ESD design, move static from user to the floor
    • All chair components grounded to ESD casters and chain