CompuRelease ESD Carpet Tile Adhesive 1 Gallon #COMPURELEASE-XF

CompuRelease ESD Carpet Tile Adhesive 1 Gallon #COMPURELEASE-XF



CompuRelease Adhesive is a high quality acrylic emulsion that combines the performance of a release adhesive with the conductive properties of patented Fibrelink technology to create a flexible electrical ground plane beneath static control ESD floor tiles. CompuRelease adhesive gives complete adhesive performance with unmatched conductive capabilities. It is non-hazardous, non-flammable, water resistant and contains Microban® antimicrobial product protection.

It provides a strong, flexible, long lasting bond with uncompromising conductive properties. CompuRelease is designed for installation of static control ESD carpet tiles. Due to its pressure sensitive characteristics, CompuRelease adhesive eliminates concern about installing a non-porous backed floor covering over a non-porous substrate. This adhesive contains no hazardous or carcinogenic ingredients as defined by OSHA, Federal, State or Local regulations such as California Prop 65, M-4277 meets all flammability requirements for a Class A Flame Spread Rating as per ASTM E-84.


We strongly recommend that moisture tests be performed on all concrete sub-floors regardless of grade level or whether or not the concrete is freshly poured or is classified asan older slab. The site must be tested for moisture randomly throughout the floor. Moisture testing should be performed by ASTM F 1869 Calcium Chloride Tests with moisture levels not to exceed five (5) pounds per twenty four (24) hours per one thousand (1000)square feet or ASTM F 2170 In Situ Relative Humidity Test with readings with moisturelevels when measured by this method, not to exceed eighty (80%) percent. This maximum threshold must hold true throughout the life of the product. Otherwise, corrective action is required.

Contact a Julie Industries representative for additional information with regard to these tests at 978.276.0820.

1. Refer to all manufacturer’s recommendations prior to installation to determine suitability of all materials to be used, approved substrates, sub-floor preparation, etc.

2. Sub-floor must be clean, dry, smooth and free of any contamination, which may interfere with the adhesive bond.

3. Where sub-floor is extremely porous adhesive absorption may be in question, therefore it is recommended that the sub- floor be primed with Parabond M-620 Primer.

4. Refer to all floor-covering manufacturers’ recommendations regarding layout, cutting, seaming and maintenance.

5. Spread adhesive using the recommended trowel. Use the dry installation method in “tile over tile” applications and for installations requiring releasability. If carpet tiles are installed “wet,” a permanent bond may result.

6. Roll floor covering per manufacturers’ recommendations.

7. Do not wet clean floor covering for a minimum of 60 days. This will allow the adhesive to properly cure.


Remove wet adhesive immediately with a damp cloth. Use Mineral Spirits to remove dried adhesive.


Varies with installation method and condition of substrate.

Regular square or "U" notched trowel 1/16” x 1/16” x 1/16” -approximately 25 square yards per gallon.

Up to 50 square yards per gallon for access floor applications.