Disposable ESD Smock Visitor Garment #DISGAR-XF



Disposable ESD Smock Visitor Garment

Due to the Corona Virus / Covid-19 pandemic, Disposable ESD Garments have been a smart choice for companies who wish to eliminate the spread of Covid 19 through used ESD smocks.

Standard ESD garments cannot be washed above 120 degrees or with standard detergents, and therefore cannot be sterilized before/after use by visitors. The disposable garments are durable enough for long term use, but affordable enough that they can be thrown away after 1 use.

***Disposable ESD garments are ONLY for visitors who will be in the lab but will not be handling the ESD sensitive products.***

***If the visitor will handle the ESDS products, they are required to wear a Groundable Static Control Garment System with elastic cuffs.***