Dual Ground Cord #9825-XF



The Desco 09825 is a yellow striped, 15' long, green ground cord with a ring terminal. The cord allows easy attachment to the electrical ground.

Desco 09825 Features:

  • Two banana jacks Provides two grounding points for wrist straps or carts
  • Ring terminal at end of ground cord Allows easy attachment to electrical ground
  • Low profile Reduces snagging of clothes and work instruments
  • Extra ring terminal included Allows for customizing cord length

Desco 09825 Specifications:

  • Product Type: 15 feet Ground Cord with 10 mm Stud
  • For Use With: Grounding Mats
  • Includes: Ring Terminal
  • Color: Wire:GreenStripe:Yellow
  • Primary Color: Wire:GreenStripe:Yellow
  • Connector Type: Two Banana Jack