EOS/ESD Audit Kit, Premium #752-XF

EOS/ESD Audit Kit, Premium #752-XF


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EOS/ESD Audit Kits offer companies an effective way to detect ESD events and help prevent component failures. These tools help allow businesses to be more competitive in the marketplace by reducing losses due to ESD and EOS. SCS EOS/ESD Audit Kit 752 contains:

  • 701 Analog Surface Resistance Megohmmeter Kit
  • 718 Static Sensor
  • 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit
  • CTM051 Ground Pro Integrity Meter
  • CTM048-21 EM Eye – ESD Event Meter
  • CTC331-WW Iron Man™ Plus Workstation Monitor
  • 2382 Dual-Wire Metal Wrist Strap
  • 2214 Single-Wire Adjustable Fabric Wrist Strap
  • Heavy Duty Molded Carrying Case with Handle and Wheels