XD-Touch™ (Pack of 4) #XDT105-XF



Did you know that an ESD event is created almost every time a wriststrap is plugged into a continuous monitor? These discharge events are harmful to your wriststrap monitor, and most importantly, they can cause latent or catastrophic damage to ESD sensitive products on your work surface.

Xfabion's patent pending XD-Touch™ eliminates ESD events when connecting an ESD wriststrap to ground. Our proprietary product is static dissipative (Surface Resistivity = 1x10 E5) and our ergonomic design offers maximum surface area contact. Operators simply place their finger on the XD-Touch™ for 2 seconds then plug in their wriststrap. Our tests have showed a 100% reduction in wriststrap to monitor ESD events when incorporating the XD-Touch™. The XD-Touch™ can also be useful in discharging ESD from metallic hand tools. Every unit is tested before shipping to ensure proper surface resistivity and each unit comes with a 6ft ground cable (male banana plug cable ends).

Product is 1" wide x 2" long and mounts to the workbench or desk with double-sided tape.

Keep your product safe and enhance the life of your continuous monitor with the all new XD-Touch™ by Xfabion!