Xfabion EOS/ESD Assessment Kit #ESDK1-XF



Xfabion EOS/ESD Assessment Kit

Our Full Service Kit Includes the following:

  • Ground Pro Ground Integrity Meter #CTM051-XF - carrying case included
  • ESD Event Indicator #CTM082-XF - carrying case included
  • Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit With Weights and Cables #19290-XF - carrying case included
  • Air Ionizer Test Kit #770781-XF - carrying case included
  • C.A.F.E. Tester #19298-XF
  • Ideal Circuit Analyzer (***Item available with kit only***) #61164-XF - carrying case included
  • Sperry Instruments Outlet Tester #GFI6302-XF
  • 2 Point Probe with BNC-Banana Connector #770757-XF
  • Concentric Ring Probe #770007-XF
  • Hand Held Electrode #770765-XF
  • Training Paddle Set #06850-XF
  • Premium Metal Expandable Wriststrap with Ground Cord #09085-XF
  • Pelican Case With Handle, Wheels, Lid Organizer, and "Pick and Pluck" Foam (***Item available with kit only***) #P1510-XF

***Pelican case foam is NOT pre-cut to fit parts. Lid Organizer Installation is Required***