ESD Grounding Qube (5 pack) #Q007-T-XF

ESD Grounding Qube (5 pack) #Q007-T-XF


The Prostat Q007-T is a esd grrounding cube .

The Prostat Q007-T Features:

  • Recommended for use on tested electrical outlets
  • Replaces expensive grounding blocks and circuit indicators
  • Convenient connection for ESD grounding
  • Comes in several grounding configurations
  • Use with an ESD wrist strap and ground cord for work surface grounding
  • Provides ESD grounding anywhere
  • Made from Non-flammable materials
  • Two ESD ground connection jacks on each Cube

The Prostat Q007-T Specifications:

  • Product Type: Grounding Cube
  • For Use With: Electrical Outlet