ESD Safe Transport Cart #ATC-1-XF

ESD Safe Transport Cart #ATC-1-XF


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ESD Safe Transport Cart - ATC-1

  • Depth 450 mm, width 650 mm, and height 775 mm
  • Loading capacity on top shelf: 50 kg
  • Total loading capacity: 150 kg.
  • All wheel tires are made from ESD- thru conductive material
  • Wheels diameter: Ø 75 mm, two non-rotating and two rotating with brakes.

ATC-1 ESD Safe Cart random measurements of the empty car without the load

QC-DataRandom check of ATC-1 before shipping to Distributors:ATC-1Factory Measurements at no load (worse case)Measured with ZeroCharge Surface resistivity Meter A-400 or Static Solutions RT-1000 Megaohmeter. (Both available from Bomir Inc. 60% Temp: 25.3 Deg. C.A-400RT-1000Surface Resistivity:1.00 x 10e31.34 x10e3 Top shelve to metal plate under the wheel:Wheel1 1.00 x 10e55.20 x 10e4Wheel2 1.00 x 10e56.70 x 10e4Wheel3 1.00 x 10e51.00 x 10e5Wheel4 1.00 x 10e57.70 x 10e4Top shelve to metal plate under all four wheels: 1.00 x 10e42.30 x 10e4

The cart has on the upper part of the right/front leg a 10mm snap for grounding the cart at the parking station.
Six feet grounding coil cord terminated with a banana plug and an alligator clip is included with the cart.

The measurements were done as per ESD guidelines.

The ATC-1 was not loaded (No load = worse case measurement).

The ESD rubber wheels make better contact with the floor when the cart is loaded.