OhmStyle ESD™ Carpet Tile (Case of 12) #OHMSTYLEC12-XF

OhmStyle ESD™ Carpet Tile (Case of 12) #OHMSTYLEC12-XF


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OhmStyle ESD™ Carpet Tile

Modular Carpet Tile

Tile Size: 24" X 24"

48 sqft / 12 Tiles Per Case

OhmStyle ESD™ carpet flooring tiles will help to provide an ESD-free work environment, while offering you a decorative look and comfortable floor to work and walk on.

OhmStyle ESD™ carpet floor tiles act like a sponge, quickly absorbing static electricity from the source and into the flooring material. The built-in conductive fibers then conduct the charge through to the subfloor and ground-point connection. Our system’s capacity to neutralize the voltage deferential in a charged body is what renders them so effective at protecting sensitive components. We have all experienced the sudden jolt from a static discharge. Now factor in that this jolt generally ranges anywhere from 5000 to 10000 volts! Charges of that magnitude can cause substantial damage to electrical equipment. With our OhmStyle ESD™ system, you are grounded to neutral relative to your work environment, thus preventing any ESD related damage.

OhmStyle ESD™ is manufactured with recycled materials, is certified CRI Green Label Plus, and can contribute to LEED™ points. Our LEED™ brochure gives more details on how our products contribute to LEED™.