Velcro 3m Dual Lock #SJ3560-1-XF


3M Scotch SJ3550 Dual Lock 250 Reclosable Fastener is a general purpose clear reclosable fastener with 250 stems per square inch, an engaged thickness of 0.23 inches and a closure life of 1,000. This clear fastener has mushroom shaped stems on a polypropylene carrier which is coated with a white, general purpose acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Type 250 stem density fasteners can mate to type 170, 250 or 400 fasteners (the higher the combined number the greater the closure strength). Mushroom-shaped stems on one side of the fastener interlock with identically shaped stems on the other side for 5X greater closure strength than hook and loop. Dual lock type 250 fasteners are designed to bond to metals, glass and medium-to-high surface energy plastics and paint. They can replace conventional fasteners such as screws, clips, rivets, snaps, hook and loop and bolts in many applications where access or repositioning is needed. Used to attach doors, access panels, signs, cushions, wall headliners, display components, city bus light fixtures, ceiling attachment, privacy curtain rails, sunroof trims and wall panels. Also for POP (point of purchase), trade show exhibition and electronics, and for attaching E-ZPass tags to car windshields. Dual lock only has one type of side; unlike products where there is a separate hook and a loop side; so rolls are typically cut in half and then mated or connected so a 10 foot roll would be used as two 5-foot strips. Technical Information Backing/Carrier: polypropylene Adhesive: acrylic (300 LSE)Release Liner: clear polyolefin film Thickness: 140 mils (carrier, adhesive) 4 mils (liner)Service/Operating Temperature: up to 220FEngaged Thickness: 230 milsPins: 250 per square inch.